Delosperma cooperi
1 gallon

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Delosperma cooperi<br> 1 gallon

    Delosperma cooperi
    1 gallon

    Delosperma cooperi

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    Common Name: Hardy Ice Plant

    Delosperma cooperi, or Cooper’s Ice Plant, is a succulent, perennial groundcover with daisy-like purple flowers. The ice plant isn’t called an ice plant because it is cold-hardy, but rather because the flowers and leaves seem to shimmer as though covered in frost or ice crystals. Ice plants will bloom for most of the summer and fall and have mostly evergreen foliage that make it a great year-round groundcover. However, it will experience some die-back of foliage in winter. Ice plants prefer full sun, but can tolerate light shade in the garden. They, however, do not tolerate wet soil, though they do well in poor soils.

    Highlights: Drought Tolerant, Groundcover
    Mature Size: 3-6” tall by 2-4” wide

    Plant Care

    • Full Sun
    • Partial Sun
    • Light Water


    • Zone 6-9

    Bloom Time

    Blooms from early Summer to mid Fall