Frequently Asked Questions

We gladly accept all credit or debit cards.

You are charged for shipping only if you choose to have it delivered to your door. If you choose to have it delivered to a local Garden Center or Nonprofit Partner you will not be charged freight.

At this time we are only able to offer what is listed in our Plant Selection. Trees however may be an exception to this. If you are searching for a specific tree shoot us an email and we will confirm if we can get it or not.

When you go to pick up your order from the designated Garden Center or Nonprofit Partner, you may decide at that point if the plant quality is not up to par. Once the plant leaves the Garden Center or Nonprofit site no refunds will be given. If you chose doorstep delivery, returns will only be accepted while the driver is there. Once our driver leaves your residence no refunds will be given.

Full refunds will be given on any items damaged during delivery or that are not good quality. If you decide after paying for your order you do not want the item anymore, a refund will be given minus a 5% restocking fee.

If the plant is in the proper season to flower and it is not, yes a refund will be given as this falls under poor quality. If the plant is ordered in a season it is not intended to flower you may return, however we will charge a 5% restocking fee on the refund.

Orders for doorstep delivery will be processed immediately and will deliver as soon as we can. We will coordinate a delivery time that works for you. You will receive a phone call or text message the day before our scheduled delivery reminding you of this. Someone 18 years or older must be present to receive this delivery. If no one is present at the agreed upon delivery time, the order will be returned to Gardens Direct and a refund will be given for the plant material only, not including freight, minus a 5% restocking fee.

Upon planting, give your plant a good soaking to help it get acclimated to its new home. Then, refer to the water requirements listed on the plant’s description page.

Yellow leaves is usually a sign of over watering. Check to see if your area has proper drainage and cut back slightly on the watering.

Brown leaves are usually a sign of under watering. If you believe you are watering properly, check to see if your area drains too quickly. If the water runs right off the roots not much will be absorbed by the plant.

  1. Over 1,000 different varieties of plants will be available on The product selection changes each week.
  2. Gardens Direct is committed to helping the community. 5% of any purchase made on will be donated to a local charitable organization.
  3. A local charitable organization can partner with Gardens Direct and host a plant sale and receive 20% of the total amount sold.

Gardens Direct is an e-commerce web site that showcases over 1,000 different varieties of plants produced by Johnson Nursery Corporation. Plants are ordered and paid for online and then delivered to the customer’s specific location. This location can be a local garden center, non-profit plant sale or their home. The site will be available to the public on Monday, February 20, 2017.

It works similar to any e-commerce site. Shop the inventory, fill your shopping cart and checkout using a credit or debit card.

Absolutely, however we currently can only deliver orders within a 70 mile radius of Willard, NC. If the delivery location is within a 41-70 mile radius, a shipping charge of $50 will be applied to your order; within 11-40 miles, $25 will be applied; and within 1-10 miles, $15 will be applied. Over 70 miles, please email for quote.

We are currently only able to ship to eastern North Carolina. If you are participating in a partner sale, you will pickup your order on the date, time and location selected by the partner. If you are not participating in a partner sale, you can pickup your order at Johnson Nursery Corporation, 985 Johnson Nursery Road, Willard, NC 28478 on a specific date and time.

Gardens Direct partners with local non-profits, school organizations and other groups to host plant sales where the organization receives 20% of the sale. The partner organization promotes the sale (all orders are placed on and handles the distribution of the plants on a specific date, time and location established by the partner.

5% of any purchase on will go to an organization of the customer’s choosing, whether or not they are participating in a partner sale. If a customer is participating in a partner sale with a specific organization, that organization will receive 20% of the purchase made on

At checkout, a customer will be prompted to choose which organization they wish to donate 5% of their order to, they will also be prompted to choose a delivery location. The location designation should match the partner sale they are participating in for 20% of their order to be donated to the correct partner and the order be delivered to the correct location.

It is the responsibility of the partner organization to contact any customers who fail to pickup their order. Any return orders will be refunded minus a restocking fee.

If the plant is damaged during delivery or of poor quality, the partner organization will contact Gardens Direct during business hours to either request a refund or a new plant to be delivered. If the customer is not satisfied with the selection, then they will receive a refund minus a restocking fee.