Our Team


David Johnson


Founder and Lead Visionary, David can be credited for creating most of what happens at Gardens Direct. Beginning with the initial idea and flowing all the way to the day to day activity, most of what goes on around here has come from him or spurred from something he did. After graduating from Duke University in 1979, David went on to start Johnson Nursery Corporation, a wholesale nursery located in Willard, NC. From there ideas have come and gone, business has blossomed and flourished, all leading up to this, Gardens Direct.

When David is not at the office he can be found in the marshlands of Topsail Island on his paddleboard, in the Intracoastal Waterway wake surfing, or on the beach riding his bike. David is a devout Christian and family man, with his wife of 30 years Jill and father to two children Chason and Annie. He is also founder of Signs of Christmas, a nonprofit company reminding people of the true meaning of Christmas.

Chason Johnson

Creative Director

Co-Founder and Head of Creativity, Chason takes the crazy ideas he and his father David comes up with and makes them shine. But just like his father, the head in the clouds dreaming trait is apparent in him as well. Chason graduated from NC State University in 2014 and after taking the summer to teach wakeboarding lessons he began at Johnson Nursery, and from there Gardens Direct was born.

When Chason isn’t at the office he can be found in the Intracoastal Waterway wake surfing, on the beach playing volleyball, or kicking it with his dog Tique.

Behind The Gardens Direct Team

The Gardens Direct Team is one full of passion, enthusiasm, and hard work. David Johnson, Chason Johnson and Lupe Borja are the three main pieces to this puzzle, but as Gardens Direct grows so will the puzzle. Supporting these three are over one hundred employees of Johnson Nursery. Each individual of this large number is a viable asset to the business of Gardens Direct, from nurturing the growth of the plants, to accounting and marketing. With each person contributing differently, Gardens Direct has a team that exceeds expectations; they are a team that Gardens Direct is proud of.